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An all in one (AIO) appliance with a privacy guarantee, full router functionality, deep web communication, VPN and your very own filtering and anti tracking dedicated DNS SEC upstreaming & forwarding service. Banks, sensitive organizations, journalists or enterprises looking for a total anonymity on the internet will appreciate the safety & privacy that our CWD GATE appliance provides.


Carrier grade secured Wi-Fi router with 300 + wireless user handling on a single node. Its a fully featured wireless router, branch office Wireguard tunnel client, dedicated access point, wireless client, forwarder or relay as a VPN client over CWD GATE appliance. Best suited for large enterprises, universities, exhibitions, media companies or organizations that require fool proof anti man in the middle attack operation and 99.99% appliance uptime.


A smart, lightening fast and responsive appliance that acts as multiple service oriented devices on a network with multiple configurations. It alerts the system administrator or IT staff instantly before a ransomware , malware attack occurs. Our CWD Canary is the first line of real-time alerts to prevent mass hacks, data leaks or corporate espionage.


A VoIP appliance specially tailored for privacy oriented voice communication with ease of management and implementation. Our PBX appliance supports 200 simultaneous callers as one to one or conferencing from any location with global reach via CWD GATE's VPN without intervention or man in the middle when confidential voice call leak which has become a norm.


Blazing fast Network Attached Storage appliance that integrates multiple services in a single package. You are not limited by storage capacity and can stack or add up storage as your demand for space grows. Our NAS appliance gives you total freedom and full control over your data and expansion.

CWD Blade

An easy-to-use firewall router with a complete routing WRT distribution that brings features only available in extensive appliances. Our Blade appliance is feature packed with high-end plugins and services which utilize MVC (Model View Controller) Framework. The Blade appliance is best suited for large offices, universities, banks, government networks and Internet Service Providers with full security and gigabit wire speed requirements.

CWD CycoNet®

A meticulously designed and implemented system that incorporates various measures to protect and safeguard digital information and communication. It employs robust encryption algorithms, advanced firewall configurations, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and stringent access controls to mitigate potential cyber threats and unauthorized access.